IPMU-2012 solicits original research contributions of theoretical and methodological nature as well as application-oriented work. IPMU-2012 will not accept any paper which, at the time of submission, is under review or has already been accepted for publication in a journal or another conference. Authors are also expected not to submit their papers elsewhere during the review period. Contributions will be selected based upon their quality as evaluated by 2-3 referees.

The paper must be written in English and formatted according to the Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes guidelines. Author instructions and style files can be downloaded at

The length of papers is at most 10 pages in this format. Please note that the submission format is PDF only. Papers must be submitted electronically following the link below.

Please note that a number of special sessions on various topics will be included in the program, organized and chaired by recognized experts. You are kindly invited to contribute to these sessions and, when submitting a paper, there will be a possibility to indicate whether it fits the topic of some special sessions (called "groups" in the submission systems). This is simply done by ticking a box. Please note that you can tick any number of boxes (including 0).

Submit a paper EasyChair (existing EasyChair accounts can be used).